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Use a photo gallery to put pictures on your Web Site you would like to exchange with friends and family. Photos of new homes, graduations, weddings, baby pictures, or anything else can all be placed here.


This Picture is from the NASTAR National's for 2003, not my best run and some nasty ice on the run.
Here is a picture of a great powder day up at Mt. Bachelor back in 1999.  Photo credits go to Justin Smith.
Same run as before, right after I went through a drift, and no I don't know how I got my weight back where it was supposed to be. :)


Tumalo Falls/North Fork Trail

This picture is one that I took a few years ago of Tumalo Falls just west of Bend.
Here are a few more pictures from the same hike up Tumalo Falls
Yep another one, you can ride up this trail, but some whiner out of town hikers may look at you funny, but don't worry, you will get back to your car before they will ;)
The last one from the hike up Tumalo's North fork trail

Green Lakes Overnight Hike in the Sisters' Wilderness

This is South Sister  during sunrise from Green Lakes.  PS: this was taken really early in the morning
Taken a few min later from the first picture, also of South Sister
A great old stump by Green Lakes
A picture from our campsite, and that is Mt. Bachelor in the distance
Same view, with the telephoto
Here is the last one, with the telephoto also


James' Latest Flying - Working my a Glider Rating Add-On

Here is a flight during some of the worst visibility in Central Oregon due to some fires around the area.  This view is from 7,000' or so after release with no lift so we (Walter my instructor and I) were doing some air work.
Here is a pictures of Walter and I, it was a nice smooth day mostly due to the smoke.  Not to mention we finally were high enough to get out of the smoke for a while.

Pictures from Lancair

Ok this is my favorite plane, probably because I worked on it.  This should be S/N40001 of the LC40-550FG (aka: The Lancair Company Columbia 300)
Here is 40003D, long story about the number, but in a nut shell, between number 2 and number 4 (the first customer aircraft) we had a few test articles.
Ok I'm proud of this picture, it is a picture of Scott Crossfield (first person to break Mach 2) and well known X-15 pilot.  He went to the University of Washington (good taste in cities) and was at the Lancair plant on Saturday when I was working on certification reports back before we got the plane certified.

Finally Finishing James' Bend House

Well the back yard is now done (Summer 2004) and the patio is completed.
More of above
Still more of above
Well the front yard is weeded and new bark put down, I have also been working on the sprinkler that caused the dry spot you see.
Rachel did a great job on the plater here, we also have added a soaker hose under the bark.
I wish I had a picture of this side of the house this spring when the weeds grew out of control.  We had weeded this a month ago, and put down some landscaping cover, and now put down pea gravel to cover it up.
Here is the new planter, made with rocks from the new house we are working on (See "The House")  The Vase in the middle is a simple water feature the just flows water down the sides.
Here is the other half of the new planter.
Here is our little herb garden, and the newly stained deck.
And here is the back yard on the east side with the new bark laid down.



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