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Here is a good place to describe a list of your hobbies, projects or interests.

  • Road Biking - This is Rachel's favorite sport now, and with James getting a new road bike, now he even is cranking out the miles.  Here are some pictures from this part Summer.

  • Skiing - James' favorite sport!  Mt. Bachelor is our local ski hill, not that steep, but good snow:
    • Mt. Bachelor
    • Fischer Skis - I finally switch from years of skiing on Rossignol to some Fischer Slalom Skis
    • Rossignol - Yep you guessed it, I am back on Rossignol for my GS Boards...the wild thing is these skis are relatively soft in flex, but they are a race stock ski....
  • Mountain Biking - Ok, skiing can't go all year, so here is our backup sport.  Well the Hard Tail GT finally got replaced for James after many miles and 9 years, the new bike is a Santa Cruz Blur (see below), Rachel rides a GT full suspension bike.  Here is a link to the local trail association for information about ridding around Bend and Central Oregon.

  • Flying - Another one of James' Hobbies
  • Astronomy - This is another one of our hobbies, and we blame it on getting a hot tube and having a great view of the night sky, and getting a good camera showing what good optics can do.

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