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Well I guess we can update this now, that we are hitched!!!

We live in Central Oregon, on the dry side of the Cascade Mountain range in the middle of Oregon.  This is a great place with lots of outdoor activities available a short distance away.  Our primary activities of Skiing (downhill and cross-country), mountain biking, hiking, flying, etc are all at our finger tips.

Rachel is born and raised in Florence, Alabama, a small town in northwest Alabama and is the middle of 9 children.  Rachel enjoys cross country skiing and backpacking.... more to come on this.

James is born and raised in Seattle, Washington the oldest of two.  Spent his younger years playing soccer, skiing, riding and racing motorcycles, skateboarding, and staying out of trouble as all good boys do. ;) 

James and Rachel, this was a blind date if you can believe it.  James was playing city league volleyball in Redmond Oregon with Joy who worked at the Warm Springs Indian Reservation clinic.  When asked if she knew any single nurses she said no, but I do know a single doctor.....the rest is history.


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