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  • More to come soon.

  • Ok I guess I have to do a year in review of the house.  Starting with the most recent:

    The garden is doing well, and the lighting was perfect for a shot of the south side of the house.  This shows our new pavers, Rachel's favorite (the hot tub), and the garden. (8/6/2006)

    Well it is Fire Season in Central Oregon, this fire is about 10mi north of the house. (7/24/2006)

    The landscaping is coming along and is alot more mature than last year.  We are finally getting better at what the deer will not eat (PS this is a very small list) These pictures are from the front of the house.  (7/19/2006)

    Some of Rachel's flowers on the east side of the garage. (6/2006)


    For pictures from winter, I will have to dig those up.


  • The busy summer has kept the updates down on the house picture page.  We just got our next load of bark to get ready for winter.  The summer has been a learning experience on what the Deer will not eat, or at least try.  And of course there are the rabbits, which eat what the dear don't.  :( Please check back soon for new pictures.(9/19/05)

  • More Landscaping on the front and around the house.  We have already spread 1 truckload of bark, and will need another.(5/25/05)

  • Well spring has arrived, and the yard work has begun.  We have built planters for a small garden, and have started to putting down landscaping cloth and bark down.

  • Merry Christmas! The first Christmas tree was found north of Prineville and is now up and decorated.  (12/23,2004)

  • New stuff!  We finally purchased the water feature we wanted last month and it is now hung in the entryway.  Also the new dinning room table has arrived, along with the new couch.  The deer are coming back as shown by this 3-point that decided our grass is better than his normal sagebrush diet.  (11/22/2004)

  • The lights for the master bath and the shower door are installed (two portrait pictures), and we are getting spoiled by the kitchen. (9/24/2004)


  • Instant Yard-just add lots of water! (9/24/2004)

  • Well it is moving day, we can't wait to move into the house, but as with all moves, we dread doing it.  (9/4/2004)

  • Almost there!!  The top soil (200cu yds) has been delivered and spread.  We let the experts do this so the grade was done correctly, and they have tractors  :).  The floors are now done, and the log lighter is working.  Moving Day is this coming weekend. (9/1/2004)

  • More of the low voltage lighting is going in, and it does a great job of lighting the work area in the kitchen.  The first of the plane light fixtures came in, and the second (a tri-plane) is on its way.  More good news on the lights is our replacement fixture for the dinning area has come in, a day after they called and said it was going to be 3weeks.  Funny how that works.  (8/26/2004)

  • Well the carpet is added to the stairway (still have carpet for the bonus room on order), the mirrors are installed, there is hot water in the shower, the low-voltage lighting is going in (second row, first two pictures) into the kitchen, and the air return grates are getting painted.  (8/25/2004)

  • Ok, allot got completed today.  The first pictures show the Stainless Steel Backsplash installed, and the vent hood mounted.  The tile work is completed around the upstairs fireplace, and the carpet is installed in the living room, hallway, bedrooms.  All that is left is the bonus room and the stairs.  The shower heads are installed, and the external rockwork is completed on the pillars outside the kitchen and the bedrooms.  Also the external lights are working.  (8/17/2004)

  • More electrical is completed, and the carpet is starting to go in.  The first picture shows the loft area towards the master bedroom and note the lighting on top of the beams.  Additional lighting will be added soon but this rope lighting gives a nice glow for background lighting.  The second picture is from the other direction and shows how the carpet will go with the rest of the room/loft.  The third picture shows the ceiling fan in the great room.  Dan at Laredo did a great job making a block to hold the fan that matches the pins used in the timber frame, with the walnut strip and all.  The last two pictures show the master bedroom and master bath lights.  The master bedroom is also getting the carpet started.  (8/16/2004)

  • We were out cleaning the timbers before the carpet goes in, more of the lights are installed, and the kitchen is cleared out. (8/14/2004)

  • More lights are going in, most of the sconces are installed inside, and the entry light is installed.  The sinks are in and working now (except for hot water which is getting close).  The first sink is the main sink, and the second picture is the prep sink in the island.  The upstairs fireplace is opened up, and the great news that THOR lives!  The last picture shows the 4burners running since the stove has power and gas hooked up.  (8/12/2004)

  • A quick little morning flight shows the house from the outside, and note the new driveway.  (8/12/2004)

  • The house is coming along, the appliances are going in, the door hardware is being installed, lights are going in, and the plumber is installing the toilets, sinks, etc... (8/10/2004)


  • Here are some more pictures from Doug with Laredo, well the first picture is of the front door with some temporary hardware in it, the second shows the kitchen and loft with Dan from Laredo working, and ?? doing the tile.  The last two pictures are the driveway.  It is now paved!!  The plan is for final inspection in the next couple of weeks so we are getting closer.  We are down in New Mexico for Rachel's conference and now are up in Santa Fe for the honeymoon, so we haven't even seen this with our own eyes yet.  Great town with more art galleries then you can think of.  (8/6/2004)

  • The first pictures shows the master bath shower, and the soaking tub.  The third picture shows the loft/office area with the painted walls at the far end, and the last two show the pavers on the back (west) side of the house coming off the deck by the kitchen and dining area over to the guest bedrooms.  The(8/4/2004)

  • The pavers are done and the pavers on the steps are now done.  (7/28/2004)

  • (7/22/2004)

  • (7/17/2004)

  • (7/3/2004)

  • (6/27/2004)

  • Ceiling material is going into the master bedroom, and tile is going into the master bathroom.  They are getting ready for the masonry work both upstairs in the loft and downstairs.  The sinks are in the guest bathroom, and some of the doors are hung.  (6/22/2004)

  • Flooring is in and a protective coat of sealant is put on prior to masonry work, and the in-floor heating in the bathrooms is going in.(6/17/2004)

  • Ahh!!!  The appliances have arrived, the first picture is half of the new range, the second picture shows a skylight with the walnut trim. (6/14/2004)

  • Now the cabinets are installed, and some more trim work is installed.  The cabinets and island are installed (3rd-5th pictures) in the kitchen.  The 6th picture is of the cabinet installed in the guest bath, and the last picture is the master shower taking form.  (6/10/2004)

  • Finish trim work has started, the cabinets are delivered, and the flooring is installed.  The cabinets are made of knotty alder, and the flooring is walnut, with a fir stripe. (6/5/2004)

  • The Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Bonus room got the spray texture done, the timber frame area is ready for hand texture.  The tube is installed, and the shower is taking shape in the master bath.  (5/26/2004)

  • Yet another morning flight in the Katana, the first picture is taken just south of Deschutes VOR northbound to the house (Indicating 112KIAS, GS at 118KTS...not bad for 81Hp)  the obvious self portrait, and pictures of the house.  (5/25/2004)



  • Now the shingles are done, here comes the sanding prep on the windows.  The Pozzi windows (made in Bend actually) don't come finish sanded so Rachel and I are doing the sanding prep to try saving a little labor.  By the end, we will have spent many a weekend and evenings working on them but the finished product will be worth it.  :) 

  • More sheetrock is up, the shingles are done (don't ask Rachel or James about staining shingles, they did all of them for the outside), and the exterior painting is done. (5/2/2004)


  • Insulation, the fireplace is framed, we have chosen the rock, and siding is up except for the shingles that will wait until the exterior painting is done.  (4/15-4/17/2004)

  • The siding is going up, and they have started to get ready for loading the roofing. (4/3/2004)


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