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About the House (Under Construction, and the Page also)

This page is dedicated to sharing the trial and tribulations of building our home.  This is what we are trying to achieve.



  • More on pictures and status on The House (Page 2).

  • The windows and skylights are are installed, the porch over the entrance has decking added.  The first row shows the loft/office area, the skylight over the dinning area showing Black Butte from the loft area, and more framing done in the master bedroom.  The second row shows the great room windows installed from inside and outside, the master bath, and the entrance deck from the loft area.  The  last row shows the kitchen window installed.  (3/21/04)


  • Well more of the external timbers are up for the breezeway and the entrance porch.  Framing for the shower in the master bath is underway.  (3/10/04)

  • Another nice morning flight up to the house.  (3/10/04)

  • The front porch is raised, note the year on the beam that will be above the entrance.  The doors arrived, the fireplace is taking shape, and the deck is underway.(3/10/04)

  • Pictures from a nice morning flight of the house.  (3/9/04)

  • Here are some pictures from the loft area before the fireplace is framed.  Note the cloud and the snow on top of black butte. (2/24/2004)

  • Installation of the roof SIP (Structural Integrated Panels) over the main part of the house.  (Pictures from 2/24/2004)

  • And it keeps going, the loft is taking shape, along with the great room. (Pictures from 2/24/2004))

  • Framing beings, for the timber frame house, the timber frame is raised, and then the walls, and in this house, the bedrooms are conventionally framed with standard stick construction. (Pictures from 2/10/2004 and 2/14/2004)

  • Here is an aerial picture following the timber frame raising, and just before the sheeting was added.

  • I hope this works, but here is a Windows Media Player (WMV) movie of the timber frame raising.

  • We have been putting together a time lapse movie of the 3+ day raising, once we can figure out how to make is small enough to post, we will.  But at the end, you may have to contact Rachel or James for a copy.

  • Day 4 - Timber Frame Raising.  The problems mentioned yesterday are all fixed, and the sheeting is shown going up.  This sheeting is a tongue and groove spruce planking that is 1"x8" and really looks great.  We wish the pictures would do justice for the actual house.  (1/22/04)

  • Day 3 - Timber Frame Raising.  Allot of progress today, the majority of the timber Frame is up now, and just a few problem spot's that will be fixed in the morning.  We finally had a break in the weather, and James was able to get some aerial pictures (on film so please be patient).  The first pictures is from the west side of the house, the second from the south side, and the thrid shows two very happy people.  The last picture shows Mt. Jefferson in the background. (1/21/04)

  • Day 2 - Timber Frame Raising.  Some good news, it isn't raining anymore, but foggy and colder.  The first pictures is actually part of the frame raised yesterday that will become part of the entry.  The second pictures shows the frame at the end of the second day.  All the walls are up, and now the trusses are next.  Check back soon for more.  (1/20/04)

  • Day 1 - Timber Frame Raising.  Well the weather started out nice, but of course that changed by mid day to rain.  These updates are going to be brief since we like to spend time out there watching the progress.  The first pictures are of Earthwood Homes getting ready and assembling the first wall. (1/19/04)

Lifting the first Wall into place

End of Day 1


  • The Snow is still there!  (1/10/04)

  • The timbers are almost ready for the frame raising.  These pictures were taken at the Earthwood Homes Plant. The timbers are numbered and individually wrapped after cutting, final sanding, and oiling. (1/6/04)

  • Sorry not of the new place, but this is why we didn't make it out there on the first.  Well this is what Rachel missed when she was stuck on call the week of new years.  This is the house in Bend showing the fun James had after skiing.  (1/1/04)

  • Well we got Snow!  Sorry no work done because of the weather, and the holidays. (12/31/03)

  • Well after skiing Rachel and I went out to see what else was done, and the water tank is now moved inside, there is a heater (that will stay) in the garage, and the siding is going up.  The second picture is a view out of the bonus room front window looking at Smith Rock (a world know climbing spot) with Monkey Face centered in the picture. (12/21/03)

  • It was a great morning and I was pulling the plane out for Dieter who was going flying later this day, and well the pictures tell the story of what I did before going to Mt. Bachelor.  (12/21/03)


  • Well more work is done on the garage portion of the house, the windows are now in.  (12/13/03)


  • Some more updates from this week (hope everyone had a great Turkey Day) where the rock pile from the excavation is now part of our future yard.  On Friday, I also made a trip to Earthwood in Sisters where the next set of pictures of 'Wall D' being test fitted together come from.  The first line shows a post and beam going together that will actually be the area near the top of the stairs.    As with the inlays in the posts shown below, the spine is also a black walnut.  The second line shows the wall going together from a better vantage point.  The processes of construction starts with the shop drawings, then the individual beams are cut and the joinery done.  At this point some of the holes are pre-drilled and then it is pre-assembled (as shown here) to test fit the parts and to drill the holes in the spines.  At this point, it is rare to install any of the pins to preserve the holes for the final assembly.  After any fine-tuning of the joints are made, the beams are taken apart and finish sanded, then oiled, and protected until the frame raising (January 19-23, 2004) at which point this is done over again, and the pegs are installed, the using a crane, the frame is 'raised' into its final place to make the finished frame.(11/28/03)


The first two pictures are from the 25th and show the NW corner of the house, the rock retaining wall, and the corner of the house with garage in the distance.  The second two are from the 28th and show the SW corner and the NW corner as seen from the West side of the house. (11/28/03)


  • We went out to Earthwood to see the stair assembly that was worked on this past week, to discuss the sheeting for the ceilings, and to discuss some of the lighting plans.  These are all parts of the timber frame portion of the stairs.  The outside of this will be conventionally framed and completed after the main raising.  Also we now have the raising dates, it will be the week of January 18, 2004. (11/22/03)

  • There are some new updates on the Earthwood Homes website (Earthwood) showing some timbers being worked on.  The dark strips you see on the ends are a little addition the crafters at Earthwood came up with, they are some black walnut inlays for the posts going up the stairs.  Very nice touch guys.  (11/18/03)

  • The Decking is down, and the garage is closed up.  Windows, and doors are now on order, power should be going in this week.  Things are starting to take shape.  Laredo has done a great job protecting the decking until the frame is completed and raised this January.  The pictures inside are from the garage, where the ski tuning bench will go (See 10/17/03 update), you can see the stairs going from the right to the left go to the bonus room upstairs.  The second pictures is with Rachel standing where the bench will go for a little better perspective.  (11/16/03)

  • The question if we will get snow at the new place (2,980' elevation) has been answered.  Now for the house progress, well more work on the Garage, and the plumbing and HVAC are roughed in. (11/4/03)

  • Great News!  The timbers have arrived from Canada and we went out to look at them on Halloween.  Ok a description of the pictures, the first picture we are sanding in front of some of our timbers (on top of some HUGE beams, the grayish beams).  All the timber you seed on the huge beams is for our place (2 stacks), the second picture is some more of the timbers for the house portion, and finishing up the first line is another picture of us.  The timbers still wrapped up are for our porches, this is a bit more of a rough cut that will give that great rustic look we are going for, and the last pictures is close up of one of the beams to show off one of the better 'sticks' .  (11/2/03)

  • Here are some more aerial shots of the land and construction taken on a return flight back from Astoria, Oregon. (10/25/03)

  • More progress, and a great sunset tonight so I couldn't resist taking some pictures of that.  The trusses are up, and the plumbing is being roughed in.  One pictures shows the view through the bonus room from the pile of rock and dirt from the excavation. (10/23/03)

  • Well the latest is the plywood is going up on the garage, and the plumbing is getting started under the floor.  If all goes per plan, the decking should be started on 3rd of November.  These pictures are from this weekend, and from Tuesday.  (10/22/03)

  • Well allot has changed since the 1st of the month, the floor beams are in, and the garage is started.  The first pictures show the floor of the house, and the third shows how flat the floor beams are installed.  This pictures is taken with the cameral sitting on top of the floor beams looking to the south.  The next two pictures are of the garage, and the second is the view towards the Sisters from what will be the ski tuning bench.  :) (10/17/03)

  • Some more pictures from today and this weekend.  The big news is the garage is ready for the slab to be poured, the back filling is done, and the wood should arrive this week, or early next week.  The plan is to start framing for the floor the early next week, with the garage to follow after that. (10/1/03)

Some pictures from this weekend show the forms removed from the foundation, and the backfilling started.

  • Ok we have been slacking a bit on the updates.  So here we go.  As of this past weekend, the stem walls are done, the back filling has begun and will continue this week, including the finishing of the septic system.  The next items being worked on are the slab for the garage, and wood should end up on site this week or next week so the floors and garage can begin.   Most of these pictures are from around 9-24-03.  The flying picture is from our contractor that was up flying one Saturday morning and flew over the project. (9/29/03)

  • On Monday or this week, the 8th, the base of the footings/foundation was poured.  Now the walls of the foundation are being prepared prior to pour them.  (9/10/03)

  • Good news, looks like we are getting much closer to having the foundation put in.  The forms are almost finished, it was actually clear this weekend (no smoke). (9/6/03)

  • Well the push out is virtually completed, and the excavator has been called out to work the B&B Complex fire that is located approximately 27miles west/northwest of the property so don't worry, we just get the breath the smoke.   We didn't make it out to the land this weekend since Rachel was backpacking by Broken Top and James was up at the Madras Airshow with the Glider Club.  I wish I had some pictures for the ferry flight from Bend to Madras (34nm) because we were VFR 'On Top" for awhile under tow.  Not to mention we were above the smoke which was a nice break.  (8/25/03)

  • Well here are some more pictures from after rock has been moved on the house site, the power trench has been filled, and the footings cut for the garage.

  • Finally some news to report, ground has been broken, and junipers removed.  The fun started on  Wednesday the 6th of August. (8/8/03)

After moving out some equipment, the old rock piles were moved out of the way and the house location verified.  The arrow is the west side (back of the house) where the center of the great room will be.
Here is a view from that great room towards Mt. Jefferson
Here is a view looking west from the great room towards Black Butte and Three Fingered Jack.
  • Had a great meeting with Earthwood and saw the details of the frame shop drawings so wood can be ordered this month.  Then had a meeting with Laredo Construction at the land. (8/5/03)

  • Well good and bad news, we postponed the ground braking to avoid a month dead time between the frame raising and the foundation completion.  Frame raising is set for the middle of January 2004. (7/15/03)

The House Construction

First of all, we are building a timber frame home (a.k.a. Post and Beam, Mortise and Tenon, etc), and this should not be confused with a log home.  Timber framing uses beams (Kris calles them sticks) that are crafted to fit together, and held together with pegs.  This is a very old method of building and used in both historic Europe, as well as Asia (especially Japan.  The figure below, and the picture of a home also build by Earthwood will show you how different a Timber Frame home is from a log home.

Mortise and Tenon

After the frame is raised (final assembly on site), conventional framing techniques will be used to put the walls up, and for building the garage and bedroom side of the house.

Here is another house built by Earthwood which Rachel and I have really enjoyed, and has some features that will be found in our home.

Who is building our House:

We will be adding to this page, so please visit back soon.

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