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Welcome to our Web site!

This is a new website and is under construction so please forgive us as it is summer in Central Oregon and we should be outside, and not inside working on the website.  :)

  • Updates:

    • It has been a great summer, still not enough cycling but we both got some good rides in and were in the 100mi per week range for some time before work had other ideas.  The garden was plentiful this summer and the new additions to the house include more pavers, and Rachel's favorite, the hot tub.  Check out the house pictures for more.  We also did some great rides from the house out to Sisters and back, this makes a nice weekend ride of about 43mi round trip with very little hwy.  So we have updated the about us section a bit also.  (11/9/2006)

    • Ok Ok...it has been awhile since the last update.  The year has been great, the end of last season put 260mi on the James' new mountain bike, and another 120mi so far this year.  James also upgraded and got a road bike with now 270mi on it since July 1st.  Rachel has put over 600mi since last summer between rides, and using it as a trainer during this winter.  The House has seen more work with the south side now in pavers, and most importantly the hot tub.  Work has been busy for both of us, and this weekend (8/12/2006) sees James' sister getting married.  Over the past year, the weather page has been slowly updated and now has current weather and pictures from the house.(8/7/2006)

    • Updated the House page 2 with some landscaping pictures, and a picture of James's new Mountain Bike on the What we Do Page.  (9/19/2005)

    • Well the Christmas Tree is down (Ok it has been down for a few weeks), Ski season is barley under way due to the lack of snow, but we now have a weather station here at the house.  So check the new weather info below, and on the Weather Information Page.  (1/25/2005)

    • The house pictures have been updated, including the first Christmas tree.  (12/23/2004)

    • New updates to the house, and to the wedding page as more pictures start coming in.  A big thanks to Becky Nutt for her pictures that are all added to the wedding page.  Also Mom Sutherland's pictures will be added very soon.  (10/13/2004)

    • Well, some new updates to the house...we have had topsoil brought in since we just had back fill for the yard, and installed a massive sprinkler system to get ready for sod.  (9/24/2004)

    • Moving Day!  (9/4/2004)

    • It is that time of year again, Season Passes are on Sale.  Mt Bachelor 2004 2005 Prices  (9/1/2004)

    • We are getting even closer, about a week from moving in.  :)  The rest of the low voltage lights are going in, the paint touch up is almost complete, and the final coats on the floor go down the first of next week.  (8/27/2004)

    • Well things are moving ahead, we are hoping for final inspection in the next few days, then it will be about a week to a week and a half before it is really ready following cleaning, touchups, and walk through.  Looks like a move in date may be around the first weekend of September. (8/17/2004)

    • Well the house is getting ever closer, the contractor is hoping for final inspection next week.  (8/12/2004)

    • More house pictures have been added since we got back, and we have started the photo gallery for the wedding.  (8/10/2004)

    • Well the house page was getting a bit to large, so "The House (Page 2)" has been added.  Look for more updates as time goes on, the construction updates are now up through March.  (8/4/04)

    • Good news, well Microsoft Front Page is back up and running (thanks Kathy!!!) The House is being updated, along with About Us.  (8/2/2004)

    • The Timbers are going up, please check 'The House' so see the current progress.  (1/21/03)

    • Well we are now back on top of the site, we have added allot of pictures from the past month on the house, and the Timber Frame Raising is next week (January 19-24, 2004) so please contact us if you are interested.  Earthwood homes is doing a tour on Saturday the 24th. (1/13/04)

    • New updates on the House, and added a new page with Weather Information that has some Weather Channel links, and Cams from the Bend Airport.  (11/20/03)

    • Good News Skiers, found out that weather permitting (in simple terms, we get fall weather instead of our 83F weather like on Tuesday) the Mountain will start making snow on the 3rd, and try opening on a limited basis on the 15th make that the 21st.  Also we have added some new house photos, the walls on the garage are getting plywood, and the trusses should be onsite any day now.  (10/22/2003)

    • New photos of the land, the floor beams are in, and the garage is started.  (10/13/03)

    • Ok some new updates on the house, I will add some more pictures once I get them downloaded off the camera.  (9/30/03)

    • Ahh BendCable must have fixed the problem that didn't let me upload some new pictures of the house construction taken Saturday.  The forms are in, and they are working on the rebar before the pouring of the foundation.  I have also added more photos after the first pour was done on the foundation. (9/8/03-9/10/03)

    • There have been some more updates on "The House" with one of the large fire burning in Central Oregon.  Really it is a fire, not a Black Butte erupting.  Also Mt. Bachelor has announced no change in prices from last year.  So here is my annual price comparison chart, and don't forget the good prices are only for September.  Mt Bachelor 2003 2004 Prices (8/25/03)

    • Ok, We finally have added some pictures from  the land to "The House", they include some before rock was moved on the house site, and some after.  More to come this weekend after we go by the land.

    • More pictures have been added to the Photo Gallery, including some of the work done to James's house in Bend.  Pictures of Rachel's House in Madras should be up this weekend.  We have also reduced the picture sizes trying to keep our disk usage down.

    • We have added a news section to "The House" page since we have now started construction. Check back soon to see pictures as we add them.

    • The "What we Do" page includes links to various hobbies we do.

    • We have started putting pictures into the Photo Gallery - More to come soon.

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